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Are You A Homeowner?

One of the greatest achievements of any family is fulfilling the dream of purchasing their first or second home. At Alliance Associates we love, love, love sharing in this great accomplishment over and over again. At Alliance Associates Realtors, we realize that as a family grows and evolves the family needs also changes. So if your family has grown dramatically or the nest is emptying, Alliance Associates Realtors is here to support you, your family and all of your real estate needs.

At Alliance Associates Realtors, we want to be your partner during the home buying process and after you have purchase your home. We are proud to say that we stay in contact with our clients before the purchase, after the purchase and when they are ready to sell. We know being a homeowner is serious business! We want our homeowners to enjoy the experience. We encourage all of our buyers to stay in touch with us. We may not have all of the answers you need during your years as a homeowners, but we are willing to point you in the right direction. Our homeowners are not disposable clients. We are family…. We want and need you to maintain your home.

Don’t Forget

* Your tax exemptions (Homeowners, Senior and Senior Freeze) In some areas, you may need to apply for these exemptions every year. Please check with your local assessor’s office. This could save you a lot of $$ on your property taxes.

* PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAX…. PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAX…. Most homeowners who have a mortgage associated with their home have set up an escrow to ensure that their property taxes are paid in a timely manner. There are other homeowners that have done a FANTASTIC job of owning their home free and clear with NO MORTGAGE attached. These homeowners sometimes forget that they STILL MUST PAY THEIR PROPERTY TAXES. PLEASE PAY YOUR TAXES ON TIME! You do not want your home sold for back-taxes.

* Here in the Midwest, it can get very cold. Before you turn on the heat, did you have your furnace serviced?.... It is VERY IMPORTANT to have your furnace serviced annually.

* Your fireplace is nice…. Did you have it cleaned? Build up in the fireplace a can be very dangerous and cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home. Get your chimney swept annually.

* Get the leaves out of your gutters…..When the gutters are clogged, they do not drain properly and could potentially flow back into your home causing you to spend a lot of unnecessary $$ getting wet walls, roofs and floors repaired….

Our goal at Alliance Associates is to educate our clients (both the buyers and the sellers). Alliance Associates Realtors do not only want to help you sell your home or property, we want you to be educated about the process and guide you through every step of the way. Our experience staff will assist in answering those questions centered around life issues and the present or future affects it will have on your home or property.

It will be our pleasure to hear from you regarding your real estate needs. Please feel free to contract us and let us help you. We understand that experience and resources remove all barriers.

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